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Herbs boost fertility naturally pregnancy
Herbs That Naturally Increase Fertility

When looking for herbs that naturally increase fertility, it’s tempting to have a quick look online, read a few reviews and make an online purchase. The claims made on the internet about herbs for fertility can be intriguing and tempting but often false. It’s therefore essential to visit a qualified naturopath or herbalist before deciding on the right herbs for…

What a naturopath can do for infertility
What Can A Naturopath Do For Infertility?

As a Fertility Naturopath I look at the whole picture: your diet, age, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, family history, physical activity levels, environmental exposures and more. Issues in any of these areas can result in toxin overload, hormonal imbalances and…

Headaches during pregnancy naturopath melbourne
Pregnancy Headaches: Are They Normal?

Should you be worried if you start getting pregnancy headaches? It’s actually very normal to get headaches when you’re pregnant – especially during the first trimester. At nine weeks into your pregnancy it’s typical to see an increase in headaches. Usually…

Pregnancy Naturopath Carmen Farrugia Brunswick
A Natural Approach to Pregnancy, Q&A

If you’ve just learned that you’re pregnant, congratulations! It’s a time of excitement, anticipation, ‘dreams come true’ feelings mixed with lots of questions about what to expect, what foods to eat, lifestyle choices and exercise. Many women need support to navigate their way through the nine months of pregnancy. Each trimester brings with it changes to your body and mind.…

Naturopath Melbourne Magnesium in Pregnancy
Why Magnesium In Pregnancy Is So Important

In my last few blogs, I’ve talked about magnesium in pregnancy and it’s importance in preventing gestational diabetes, pre-term labour, cramps, headaches and high blood pressure. In this article, I share more information on the power of magnesium and how to increase your magnesium intake. Magnesium in Pregnancy:Not All Supplements Are Created Equal The absorption of magnesium during pregnancy from…