When looking for herbs that naturally increase fertility, it’s tempting to have a quick look online, read a few reviews and make an online purchase. The claims made on the internet about herbs for fertility can be intriguing and tempting but often false. It’s therefore essential to visit a qualified naturopath or herbalist before deciding on the right herbs for you, and not to automatically trust over the counter or online purchases.

Of course, there isn’t one herb that will cure your infertility and solve all of your problems, but there are some readily available herbs that can increase your chances of fertility when incorporated into a tailored pregnancy plan.

Let’s start off with herbs that naturally increase fertility for women:

Chaste Tree Berry is a great herb for balancing out your menstrual cycle and alleviating symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome). You might have heard of Chaste Tree Berry referred to as Vitex or simply just Chasteberry. Originating in Italy and Greece, Chaste Tree Berry can optimise your progesterone levels and stimulate the luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn, can promote ovulation. Taking this herb whilst trying to conceive can work wonders – especially in combination with positive changes in your diet, lifestyle and an effective pregnancy care plan.

Peony is another herb that can encourage regular ovulation and enhance progesterone levels for women. Often combined with liquorice root, peony can balance your hormones, support the body’s natural stress response and increase conversion of androgen into estrogen (super important when you’re trying to conceive). Peony has been used for centuries in traditional Chinses medicine, specifically to treat infertility and the symptoms of both menopause and menstrual pain.

Another herb that can help naturally increase your chances of conception is Teasel Root. Teasel is a flowering plant that looks a bit like lilac – with long, cylindrical flowers and roots that are traditionally dug out and dried in the sun. Again, it’s important to note that tailored advice from a qualified pregnancy naturopath is vital before deciding to take any herb or supplement. Teasel is said to decrease the uterine bleeding that can occur when you’re pregnant, as well as calming down the foetus to prevent unnecessary movement.

Infertility concerns both the female and the male; the egg and the sperm. Did you know that men contribute to around 50% of all fertility issues?

Here are some herbs that can help boost men’s fertility when combined with the right exercise, diet and lifestyle changes:

Reishi mushrooms are said to improve both sperm health and general immune function. They can impede candida growth, reduce stress and have anti-inflammatory properties. Medicinal mushroom products should always be labelled as 100% pure medicinal, with no starch, fillers or mycelium added.

Damiana is a shrub found in South and Central America that produces a yellow flower. When its leaves are dried, they can be used to make a tea which can be used to increase blood flow to sexual organs. As well as being an aphrodisiac, Damiana may improve sexual performance and impotence in men, as well as regulating sex hormones for women.

Another herb that can naturally increase fertility in men is Tribulus terrestris. According to Fertilitypedia, Tribulus is effective on sperm parameters and sexual function in men – especially in combination with other fertility treatments. It has been found to increase production of the luteinising hormone which stimulates the production of testosterone.

There are a range of herbs that can naturally increase fertility when used correctly. Some great antioxidant herbs that can improve egg quality and overall health include green tea, resveratrol and turmeric.

As a pregnancy naturopath, I can provide fertility care at any stage of your pregnancy journey and increase your chances of success. Pregnancy naturopathy provides tailored information to individuals and couples based on your medical history, lifestyle challenges and genetic makeup.

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