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Getting Pregnant: How a Fertility Naturopath Can Help

Getting Pregnant

Struggling to get pregnant? I can help.

Preparing for conception has been shown to improve your chances of getting pregnant and staying pregnant. It’s important to focus on your body and health if you are considering starting a family or are having difficulty conceiving.

How a naturopath can help you get pregnant

Are there certain vitamins and supplements that would increase your chances of conceiving? Book an appointment to see me at my Brunswick clinic and find out how naturopathic treatment can help you. 

While your health is important, you shouldn’t forget your partner’s fitness and wellbeing too. From advice on male fertility-increasing foods to the best herbs for fertility, I can help you along on your path to parenthood. 

My focus is the production of the highest quality egg and sperm in order to create the healthiest baby possible. It can take three to four months to get your body into optimum health to allow a positive conception.

What to expect at your first consultation

The first appointment is approximately one hour and is a getting to know you visit. I gather information about your history, your body systems and your health goals.
We develop an individualised holistic treatment plan together so that you are clear about the next steps.

I may use various forms of physical assessments such as measuring your blood pressure, zinc testing, urine testing and iris analysis to develop an individualised health care plan to help you achieve your health goals and ultimate pregnancy.

After being in the industry for over 20 years I have developed a network of resources to be able to tap into to help meet your needs.

What can I do to prepare for my first appointment?

If you have had any recent blood testing or investigations such as a pelvic ultrasound within the last 6-12 months, it’s helpful to either bring in a copy of the results, or send through a copy via email before your first appointment. Even if you have been given the all clear, or told everything is normal, as a naturopath it is useful to know where you sit within the normal range, as it can flag potential health problems for the future.

It is useful to be at the clinic approximately ten minutes before your appointment time, to fill in a registration form.

I am currently based within Brunswick Health where you can visit me in person or arrange a Telehealth appointment online.

My naturopathy services work perfectly alongside treatments such as assisted reproduction and IVF – by complementing and enhancing successful outcomes.

Book an appointment with The Pregnancy Naturopath, Melbourne today!