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Now that you have successfully achieved conception and are carrying a baby, it’s important to create the best environment for your baby to grow and develop. This 40 week journey is a special one!

By providing you with dietary advice and the highest quality supplements at the right stages I will enrich your pregnancy and prevent common discomforts. Conditions such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes can also be avoided. My naturopathic treatment plan is specifically developed to suit you and your baby’s needs.

Pregnancy naturopath in brunswick

During our consultation either online or in Brunswick, I will learn more about you and your baby, your body, your health and what your expectations are in terms of pregnancy health and childbirth. We will discuss the milestones of pregnancy and priorities for yourself and your growing baby.

As a practising midwife and naturopath in Brunswick, I can also provide information about the hospital process and what to expect in the delivery suite, so that you’re one step ahead and can make informed decisions. Having the right support and advice from a pregnancy naturopath will ensure that you are bouncing back from the birth quickly so that you can get on with motherhood.

A healthy mother and baby is my ultimate goal and I look forward to sharing the journey with you into motherhood.

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