Preparing for Birth

Preparing for Birth

Childbirth can seem incredibly daunting and a big challenge for many women. However, facing the upcoming birth of your precious baby has everything to do with preparation.

As a practising midwife that has taught antenatal classes, I am able to provide factual information that will help you be more prepared when the time comes. Dispelling fears and myths surrounding childbirth is an essential step towards making you more confident and relaxed when birthing your baby.

For centuries, natural therapies have been used to prepare the body physically for childbirth. There are natural therapies that can help bring on labour and help regulate contractions to make the birth process more efficient. My natural pain relief patches will also allow you to labour more comfortably.

It’s incredibly important that natural therapies are used safely and effectively by a qualified practitioner in order to provide you with a healthy labour and recovery. You will want to be in optimal health post-delivery so that you can care for and bond with your beautiful baby.

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