Helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy, positive delivery experience and a speedy recovery.

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As an experienced Midwife and Naturopath, I am passionate
about helping women achieve ultimate health for themselves
and their families ~ Carmen

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The Pregnancy Naturopath - Carmen Farrugia

About Carmen Farrugia

I am committed to support you through your life journey with natural therapies. From conception, support throughout the pregnancy to childbirth…and beyond”.

As a mother, Pregnancy Naturopath and Midwife, I understand that leading a busy life can have a detrimental effect on our health. Through natural therapies and naturopathy, I assist you in creating the ideal environment to conceive, as well as support you through a healthy pregnancy with the right dietary advice and high quality and safe supplements to meet your pregnancy demands. I provide your growing baby with a nourishing environment and optimal health that will help you achieve a rewarding birth experience, as well as support in motherhood.

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The Pregnancy Naturopath Melbourne is part of the Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre, servicing Moonee Ponds and surrounding suburbs.

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The Pregnancy Naturopath
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