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Naturopath Melbourne Magnesium in Pregnancy
Why Magnesium In Pregnancy Is So Important

In my last few blogs, I’ve talked about magnesium in pregnancy and it’s importance in preventing gestational diabetes, pre-term labour, cramps, headaches and high blood pressure. In this article, I share more information on the power of magnesium and how to increase your magnesium intake. Magnesium in Pregnancy:Not All Supplements Are Created Equal The absorption of magnesium during pregnancy from…

Pregnancy Blog Melbourne What To Expect
Preventing Gestational Diabetes & Pre-Term Labour

Preventing Gestational Diabetes Magnesium during pregnancy plays a very important role in blood glucose control and metabolism. It helps to transport glucose out of the blood and into the cell via insulin. It is in the cell that glucose does its best work by providing an essential energy source. Magnesium helps to improve and prevent conditions of insulin resistance such…

Liver Cleanse Foods Naturopath Detox
Natural Liver Cleansing: A Naturopath’s Guide

Your liver is your body’s own emergency ward. Constantly putting out fires, dealing with dangerous substances, providing vital protection and healing abilities. Why not love it back? Learn why you should be taking good care of your liver and how to love your liver in my latest blog…

The Pregnancy Naturopath Melbourne
Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy: Are You At Risk?

Gestational diabetes is typically a form a diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. There are a few risk factors that can increase your chance of developing gestational diabetes in pregnancy. In this article I share more insights into what gestational diabetes is, risk factors, how to minimise them, and how to naturally manage your symptoms during gestational diabetes. What is Gestational…